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'Primavera de bèsties'

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Miquel Mas Fiol writes and directs Primavera de bèsties, a social drama inspired by real events that puts his finger on the sore of ideological manipulations, conflicts of interest and tension as a tool to reach power.

A teacher is charged with indoctrination after choosing a supposedly controversial song for the Spring Festival held every year at her school. What at first glance might seem like a temporary problem, ends up becoming a real earthquake that will shake all members of the educational community. To what extent can the demands of a minority condition the decisions of an entire educational center?

Primavera de bèsties is performed by Caterina Alorda, Xavi Frau, Mercè Sancho de la Jordana, Carme Serna and Miquel Àngel Torrens. Catalan language.

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10 June 2023

21:00 h.

Address Plaça de la Porta de Mallorca, 3 - Alcúdia
Phone (0034) 971 89 71 85
Email auditori@alcudia.net
Web http://www....alcudia.net

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