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Ruta del Fang de Marratxí

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The town of Marratxí is known for its ceramic tradition. In its eleven potteries we find all kinds of pots and pans to cook foods that do not exist elsewhere in Mallorca. Also very different forms of siurells, the white clay figurine with a whistle attached is a symbol of Mallorca, as well as pieces made by contemporary ceramic artists.

Since the late seventeenth century there is evidence of the existence of potteries in Pòrtol. In the period of greatest expansion of the late nineteenth century to the early twentieth century, it came to have twenty. Today there are nine active workers of clay in Pòrtol and two in Sa Cabaneta, the neighboring village.

In 2006 was founded the Association of potters of Pòrtol, which actively participates in the celebrations of the Holy Trinity, the patron saint of potters, and the Fira del Fang, the only fair in Mallorca dedicated only to ceramics and awarded the National Prize for Ceramics in 2013. The municipality also has a Museu del Fang and a Municipal School of Ceramics.

This Ruta del Fang  (Route of Mud) is an interesting itinerary to know everything about the ancient craft, watch artisans work and take home unique ceramic pieces both to decorate or to cook and serve food. Includes: Museu del Fang, Can Bernardí Nou (siurellería and guerrería), Ca Madò Bet (siurellería), Municipal School of Ceramics, Son Ros (pottery), Albelló 45 (ceramics), Sa Roca Lisa, 24 (pottery), Ca na Margalida (siurells), Sa Roca Lisa P-26 (pottery), Ca'n Vent (pottery), Ca's Canonge (pottery), Ca n'Antonia (siurells), Pere Coll (guerrería), L'Albelló-Es Porxet (ceramics), Sa Penya (pottery), Ca Bernardí (pottery) and Can Vich (brickyard).

On the website of the Ruta del Fang you have information, photos and location of these places. In them you can loose yourself among all kinds of pots, pans, siurells, musical instruments, ceramics, wood stoves and facilities that, in some cases, retain machinery of the first industrial era.





01 January 2020



31 December 2021

Pòrtol, Sa Cabaneta - Marratxí

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