'Sender Barayón. Viaje hacia la luz'

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'Sender Barayón. Viaje hacia la luz'

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Documentary film directed by filmmaker Luis Olano that chronicles the life of the son of  Spanish writer Ramón J. Sender (Chalamera, Huesca, 1901-San Diego, USA, 1982), one of the most important of the twentieth century.

Sender Barayón. Viaje hacia la luz (Journey to the light) (2018) began to take shape in 2016, when Luis Olano went to interview the protagonist in his house in San Francisco. The film takes a tour of the twentieth century by the hand of Ramón and his memory, focusing on issues such as the Spanish civil war, repression and exile, until reaching the golden years of rock, psychedelia or hippies.

The film has been completely self-financed and has had the collaboration of the Instituto de Estudios Altoaragoneses and the Instituto del Cine de Madrid.

Luis Olano, who was born in Leningrad in 1986, is the grandson of one of the children exiled to Russia during the Spanish Civil War. Author of three other films: Al Marge de la Sendera (2010), Busking Life (2014) and À la conquête de Madrid (2015, 2016 and 2017).




29 October 2019

19:30 h.

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