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Son Servera Clown: 'Solo Fabiolo'

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The playwright Rafa Maza (former collaborator of El Intermedio and the mythical company Yllana) closes the festival of animation, circus and a lot of humor Son Servera Clown 2021 with this proposal that sits somewhere between monologue, cabaret and the purest theater . He plays Fabiolo, a lifelong posh who will offer us a vision of his life.

The simpar Fabiolo de la Mora y Leja will take us to a universe with aromas of glamor and varietal flavor, with touches of acid humor, intelligent and tender at the same time. Gummed hair, more money than neurons, a racket always on the attack and a "que pavo" coming out of his mouth two out of three times.

From him we will learn what is cooked in the lies of power and celebrity and, of course, the latest in gastronomy, beauty and elegance, because there is no celebrity who does not know Fabiolo and there is no subject that he does not dominate. To make matters worse, Fabiolo will open his heart to us while reflecting aloud on the most varied current political and economic issues.

Laughter after laughter are followed by his select gags, delicious juggling and distilled imitations by the great Rafa Maza, famous for his videos during the storm Filomena that have gone viral throughout Spain.

Son Servera Clown 2021 is held from May 1 to 23 at the Teatre Municipal La Unió and in the courtyard of the Municipal Library of Cala Millor. During the performances, a 3-D clown photocall will be installed in both spaces. Attendees will be able to photograph themselves and will receive as a gift a solidarity clown nose from Sonrisa Médica.


From 10 €


23 May 2021

19:00 h.

Address Carrer del Tren, 3 - Son Servera
Phone (0034) 971 56 85 19
Email jaume.perel...nservera.es
Web http://www.sonservera.cat

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