'Sonetos del amor oscuro'

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'Sonetos del amor oscuro'

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A project by Pep Tosar with music by Joan Arto. Sonetos del amor oscuro (Sonnets of Dark Love) is a collection of eleven sonnets written by Federico García Lorca during his last years and the only known text of the poet that speaks openly of love between two men.

Speakers: Joan Arto (guitar), David Domínguez (percussion), Carles Dènia (voice), Toni Mora (tecados), Pep Garau (trumpet), Carmela Cristos (cello) and Pep Tosar: (recital).

Sala La Fornal

Sala La Fornal

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20 January 2022

20:30 h.

Address Carrer Hams, 4 - Manacor

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