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'Sustainable planet'

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The University of the Balearic Islands organizes this series of documentaries that aim to raise awareness among people about the importance of adopting measures that make our planet sustainable. It is celebrated from February 7 to June 6 at the Sa Nostra Culture Center.


February 7th
Out of plastic (2018) 52'
Directed by Line Hadsbjerg
What can we do to stop the contamination by plastics in the Balearic Islands?

7 of March
Oligopoly Off (2015) 95'
Directed by Alba del Campo
Are there alternatives to the current energy model? New models for citizen energy sovereignty

April 4
The milk system (2017) 91'
Directed by Andreas Pichler
What is behind the milk production system? An analysis of the impacts of the milk industry on health and the environment

May 9
Cowspiracy (2014) 91'
Directed by Kip Andersen and Kegaan Kuhn
An analysis of the impacts of the livestock industry on the environment and its global impact

June 6th
Había una vez una isla (2010) 80'
Directed by Briar March
The social, economic and environmental consequences of climate change. A documentary to celebrate the World Environment Day (June 5).





07 February 2019

19:00 h.



06 June 2019

Free admission with prior subscription

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