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An installation of five giant hands of puppets built with wood and iron, with itheir entrails of basic mechanics in sight, is the proposal of the company Itinerària (Catalonia) that premieres in the Balearic Islands within the 21è Festival Internacional de Teatre de Teresetes de Mallorca.

The audience will stop being a mere spectator to become the protagonist of the story: the puppet. Show without text created by Furti Coromina and Paco Hernández. For public from 7 years old.



18 May 2019

12:00 h.

18:00 h.

19.05 h.

12:00 h.

Address Plaça de l'Hospital, 4 - Palma de Mallorca
Phone (0034) 971 21 95 00
Email misericordi...allorca.net
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