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V Fira de l'arròs pobler i Sa Marjal

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In Sa Pobla, like other areas around S'Albufera, rice farming is traditional. But here the variety is the bombeta rice, commonly known as arròs pobler, a product to which this fair which is now celebrating its fortyn edition, is dedicated.

The fair is celebrated on 23 and 24 November, with activities starting on Sunday 17. In addition, it is combined with the gastronomic proposal Menjar bé a sa Pobla from 15 to 24 November, in which participate bars and restaurants Of Sa Pobla with menus and special dishes.


Sunday November 17

XXV Meeting of Xeremiers and Lutiers Fair.
09.00 h. Meeting in the Plaza Mayor.
10.00 a.m. Lutiers Fair.
Sonade of the xeremiers on the square and on all the corners and streets of the town.

From 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Plaça Major: XI Meeting of Bordadoras y Randeres de Macetes.

12.00 h. Passacaglia. Departure from la residencia Huialfàs. Participants: Gegants de sa Pobla, Xeremiers, Caparrots de Albopàs, Grif de sa Pobla, Dragon 'Janot' d'Albopàs and s’Anguila d’Albopàs. Route: calle de Isaac Peral, calle Major and plaza Major

5.30 pm. Plaça Major. Popular dance, conducted by Marjal in Festa, with  guest group  Esclafits i Castanyetes

Tuesday, November 19

20.00 Can Planes Museum
Presentation of the children's book Yumo. El diario de Dertaria, la chica uniyama, by Amaia de Sousa.

Thursday, November 21

5.30pm Centro de cultura es Rafal. workshop AMÉS association: Juego a lo que me gusta. Objectives: to observe the male-female dichotomy, gender roles in games and toys as well as in domestic tasks, the relationship between equals to school and the resolution of conflicts without violence. From 3 to 7 years. With prior registration

7:00 p.m. Can Planes Museum. Presentation of  la Junta local de sa Pobla de la AECC and of the psychosocial services of the Spanish Association Against Cancer. Talk by AECC professionals: Michael L. Muller, social worker, and Paula Rodriguez, psychooncologist.

20.00 Sa Congregation. Talk: L’arròs dintre de la nutrition, by the nutritionist Pep Joan Serra

8.30pm Cavallets Exhibition: Fruits of land and sea, ceramics of Cati Riutort Sagrera The exhibition will remain open until December 8.

Friday, november 22

3 pm Parking next to the Local Police. Mini train Free children's activity. Children under 9 must be accompanied by an adult.

6pm Can Planes Museum. Presentation of the book Gatamoix, les poemes que parlen

20.00 Sa Congregation. Microteatre for the elimination of gender violence. Three pieces: Llet Triada, La Noia de la Benzinera and La Protectora. Open debate based on representations with artistic and social services personnel. Recommended age: from 14 years. Admission: € 10 Inforeserves: 971 54 41 11. sacongregacio@ajsapobla.net

Saturday November 23
V Fira de l'Arròs Pobler i Sa Marjal

5pm Plaça Major. Official inauguration of the Fira and opening of the enclosure.
Agrifood sample. In this edition, potato export portals and food product distribution companies will offer a sample of their commercial activity.

5.15pm Carrer Major. Children's entertainment:  Neil, la granota que volia volar, by Laboratori de Somnis.

18.30 h. Carrer Major. Children's entertainment: Abracadabra, by Enzo Lorenzo.

7.30pm In front of the Town Hall. Karate exhibition, by gimnasio Físico Fitness Club.

20.00 In front of the Town Hall. Street Dance exhibition, by gimnasio Físico Fitness Club.

From 5:00 p.m. and on Sunday 24
Casal Can Verdal: exhibition of embroideries,by the different associations of the 3rd age.
Carrer Major: Stalls of different associations, schools and children's entertainment.
Plaça del Mercat and Carrer del Doctor Gómez Ulla: a variety of attractions.
Carrer de Mister Green: sample of vehicles and agricultural machinery.
Plaça d'Alexandre Ballester: artisan mercadet, neighborhood of artisans. Menestrales.
Placeta de l’Església: Book and collection fair.
Carrer de D. Bartomeu Siquier ((camino de los Molins de Agua): Concentration of motorhomes, by the Balearic Cultural Association of Temps Lliure and Autocaravanisme 'Es Siurell' (ABACES).
Carrer Cervantes, 10: exhibition of farm tools and household goods, owned by Alexandre Crespí Gost 'Rua' .. Visiting hours: Saturday 23, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday 24, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Sunday, November 24
V Fira de l'Arròs Pobler i Sa Marjal

Carrer Grand. Sunday market
Placeta of the train (in front of the parking of the Local Police). Vespa motorcycle exhibition, by Amics Vespers de sa Pobla
Placeta de l’Església: Buñuelos Solidarios, for the benefit of Cáritas Parroquial.
Parking next to the Local Police. Exhibition of classic, vintage and sports cars.
End of Carrer dels Fadrins (his Fortress): exhibition of animals.
Carrer Assault. Concentration of old and classic motorcycles, by the Club Es Siurell de Marratxí.
09:30 Plaça Major: Preparation of a arròs brut pobler by Biel Serra Comas 'Pepis'. At the end, solidarity tasting for the benefit of AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer).

10.00 a.m. Sa Fortress. Equestrian show

11.00 a.m.In front of the Local Police. Espai veterinari celebrates its 25th birthday.

11.00 a.m.In front of the Town Hall. Audition of modern music, by students of the Escola de Música de sa Pobla.

11.15 h. Carrer Major. Children's entertainment: Gold star, by Cristina Francioli.

12.00 h. In front of the Town Hall. Martial arts exhibition, in children's, youth and adult categories: Taekwondo, Aikido and Muay Thay

12.30 p.m. Carrer Major. Children's entertainment: Mamballadetes, by Dada Gugu.

5.30 p.m. Carrer Major. Children's entertainment: Tales of Andersen, by Teatritx.

6 p.m. In front of the Town Hall. Belly dance exhibition, modern children's dance and Fitdance.

7:00 p.m. Church of sa Pobla. Fall Concert 2019, by the Choral de sa Pobla and the Sa Pobla Music Band.

Thursday, November 28

6 p.m. Es Rafal culture center. Storytelling: Elmer, by Inès Alemany. Inès will tell the wonderful story of the Elmer elephant. A multicolored animal that transmits positive values ​​such as solidarity, difference, inclusion and respect, among others. From 2 to 7 years. With prior registration.

Saturday, November 30

8.30pm Can Planes Museum. Signature of the book Títere by the author Isabel Seguí Rayó, with the collaboration of Rac Mallorca. A personal self-help book based on our own experiences to recover our lives.


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17 November 2019



30 November 2019

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