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VI Fira de l'arròs pobler

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In Sa Pobla, like other areas around S'Albufera, rice farming is traditional. But here the variety is the bombeta rice, commonly known as arròs pobler, a product to which this fair which is now celebrating its sixth edition, is dedicated.

The fair is celebrated on 27 and 28 November, with activities starting on Friday 19. In addition, it is combined with the gastronomic proposal Menjar bé a sa Pobla from 19 to 28 November, in which participate bars and restaurants Of Sa Pobla with menus and special dishes.


Friday, November 19

19:00 h. Fundació ACA (Búger). Conference: L’enregistrament dels xeremiers vells, by Rafel Moll

20:00 h. Fundació ACA (Búger). Colloquium with Susana and Àlvaro Seivane

Saturday 20 November

10:00 h. Sa Congregació. V Jornades de Turisme a Sa Pobla

16:30 h. Parc de Can Cirera Prim. XXIV Trobada de Gegants

21:00 h. Parc de Can Cirera Prim. Concert by Susana Seivane

Sunday November 21

From 08:00 h. Plaça del Mercat and Cartrer Gran. Sunday market

XXVI Trobada de Xeremiers and Fira de Lutiers:
09:00 h. Plaça Major. Meeting of the participants

10:00 h. Fira de Lutiers. Sound of xeremiers through the square and through all the streets of the town

12:00 h. Parade with departure from the Huialfàs Residence. The Gegants de sa Pobla, Xeremiers, Caparrots d’Albopàs, Grif de sa Pobla, Drac 'Janot' d’Albopàs and s’Anguila d’Albopàs participate.

18:00 h. Plaça Major. Popular dance conducted by Marjal in festa, with Mata Escrita as a guest group

Wednesday, November 24

20:00 h. Sa Pobla Town Hall meeting room. Presentation of the portrait of the mayor Joan Comes i Reus 'Carrasquet'

Thursday November 25

17:30 h. Rafal. Workshop: Creating stories and tales with LEGO pieces

18:30 h. Sa Congregació. Presentation of the documentary L'arròs bombeta de sa Pobla and subsequent round table with the participation of Tonina Crespí, Història de Marjaleres, Lina Siquier, Arrossos Sa Marjal, Joan Jordi Tauler and Molí de Joan 'Bea'

Friday, November 26

Black Friday with special discounts in stores, which will be open until 9:00 p.m.

From 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Passeig del Tren. Children's activity: free ride with ponies

18:00 h. Courtyard of Can Verdal. Exhibition of engines by Amics del Motor de sa Pobla and presentation of the commemorative poster of Motors Grif (La Unión Industrial)

Saturday, November 27
VI Fira L'arròs pobler

17:00 h. Plaça Major. Inauguration of the VI Fira L'arròs pobler

17:00 h. Cavallets. Inauguration of the exhibition of photos of birds and plants, by Martí Serra Comas and Martí Cantallops Ferragut

17:30 h. Plaça d'Alexandre Ballester. Children's entertainment: Circus Party. Circus theme party

19:00 h. Sa Congregació. Theater: Paradís. Admission: € 5

20:15 h. Plaça d'Alexandre Ballester. Children's animation: Akuru

From 5:00 p.m. and during Sunday 28:

Casal Can Verdal: exhibition of embroidery, in charge of different associations of the third age

Plaça d’Alexandre Ballester: Stands of different associations, schools and children's animation

Placeta de l’Esdamientos: artisan market

Cervantes, 10: Exhibition of farm tools and household utensils, owned by Alexandre Crespí Gost 'Rua'. Visiting hours: Saturday 26: from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Sunday 28, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Plaça del Mercat: great variety of attractions

Sunday November 28
VI Fira L'arròs pobler

Carrer Gran: Sunday market

Carrer Major: Exhibition of Vespa motorcycles (Amics Vespers sa Pobla)

Parking next to the local Police: Exhibition of classic, vintage and sports cars

Carrer Asalto: Concentration of old and classic motorcycles carried out by the Club Es Siurell de Marratxí

10:00 h. Sa Fortelesa. Equestrian show (Amics del Cavall de Sa Pobla)

10:45 h. Plaça d'Alexandre Ballester. Children's animation: Filigree. Juggling, stunt, bike, comedy and magic acts.

13:00 h. Plaça d'Alexandre Ballester. Martial arts exhibition

17:00 h. Plaça d'Alexandre Ballester. Children's animation: Generation X: circus numbers in the purest varieté style

18:30 h. Church of sa Pobla. Concert Fira de Tardor 2021, by the Sa Pobla Choir and the Sa Pobla Music Band. Tribute concert to Alexandre Ballester (1933-2011)


(Sa Pobla)




19 November 2021



28 November 2021

Address - Sa Pobla
Web http://www.sapobla.cat/

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