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'Via Fora 2019'

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Via fora 2019  programs this Dramatized guided tour of the historic town of Alcúdia. Is has direction by Carles Pujol and the original music is by Jaume Garcia. The cast involves seven actors, six musicians and 25 helpers and volunteers dressed in period costumes.

The visit is organized into five scenes. The first takes place at the Porta des Moll and discusses the construction of the walls of the XV century. It Continues at the church of Sant Jaume, in Sant Jaume church, with the Germanies in the sixteenth century.

The third scene is at the Porta de Sant Sebastià, with the Tenshö embassy in its visit to Alcúdia in 1585; continues in the Cami de Ronda, with the appointment of Don José de Mariconda as governor of Alcúdia in 1717 during the War of Spanish Succession.

The fifth and final scene takes us to Pont de la Porta Roja, with the arrival of tourists in the 60s of the 20th century and the reconstruction of the walls.

Figuration and volunteers: Laura Alaminos, Rosario Carmona, Carmen Carmona, José Antonio Fernández, Isabel Fernández, Nuria Garcia, Didac Gea, Claudio Ginart, Thiago Tomàs Jordan, Laura Maura, Marina Mudoy, Joana Muntaner, Marina Nicolau, José Oneto, Marc Payeras, Sergio Poza, Roser Riera, Elisenda Rocamir, Ariadna Rodríguez, Joan Vadell, Joana Vanrell, Isabel Vanrell, Maria Andrea Vanrell, Rosa Vanrell and Xisco Vanrell.






04 July 2019

21:00 h.



22 August 2019

Scheduled Days:

Thursday, July 4
Thursday, July 18
Thursday, August 1
Thursday, August 22nd

Address - Alcúdia
Web http://www.alcudia.net

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