'Viaje al Más Allá'

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'Viaje al Más Allá'

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New format of Carlos Garrido on visions of the Other World throughout the history that has its stage in the Finca Pública Galatzó. It is the farthest journey we can imagine: a trip to the Hereafter.

On this occasion, he presents us with the visions with which, throughout history, men and women have imagined the Other World. Rivers and lagoons, mountains, fantastic beings, caves, abysses of fire ...

Viaje al Más Allá  (Journey to the Beyond) poses a question: will not many of these visions, in reality, be images of our own psychic depths? And why do they coincide in very different cultures and times?

The actress Carme Serna gives voice to the different interpretations of that trip: in Egypt, in Greece, in the Celtic culture, as well as recent testimonies. Carlos Garrido acts as a guide, and offers the audience the explanations of each episode.


Finca Pública Galatzó

Finca Pública Galatzó

From 15 €


03 August 2019

21:30 h.

Address Carretera de Es Capdellà a Galilea, Km 2.2 - Calvià
Web http://www.calvia.com

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