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'Would you send me your souvenir?' by Esther Olóndriz

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In the analog era, until just twenty years ago, we used to send postcards to our family and friends from where we were on vacation. But with the arrival of the digital age this custom has practically disappeared and even the mailmen are surprised when this relic falls into their hands.

In Would you send me your souvenir? The postman never calls twice, Esther Olóndriz has wanted to recover this old and healthy habit of sending postcards. For this she has involved a good number of friends, whom she has asked to send her a card every time they visited other places. The project started in the summer of 2016, then suffered a break for random reasons and in July 2019 she got back to it.

The result is a 200 x 280 cm panel with more than 200 postcards and another 100 x 300 with the backs of the postcards, their stamps, their wedges and the writings of all the people who have collaborated selflessly. The exhibition is completed with some postcards intervened by the artist.




Rata Corner

Rata Corner
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23 January 2020



31 January 2020

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