‘Derelictes(i altres utopies)’, by Erola Arcalís

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‘Derelictes(i altres utopies)’, by Erola Arcalís

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This exhibition, curated by Aina Pomar Cloquell, was selected in the Crida de proyectos de curatoría espacio depósito 2022.

The Menorcan artist Erola Arcalís (1986) starts from the figure of her great-grandfather Francesc Preto, a riverside master, who in the early eighties built a llaüt boat that never touched the sea nor did it host the vegetarian commune project that had imagined. The ship, and the items he had collected, burned in a fire.

These wrecks, artifacts of a symbolic shipwreck, become a dialogue between Paco and Erola, in which the artist reinterprets the utopia of her great-grandfather, vindicates his figure and expands the idea of the island.

Several voices come together through the exhibition tour: the voice of the artist reinterpreting family memory, the voice of Aina Pomar Cloquell and two voices that cross and absorb the exhibition: the voice of the Menorcan landscape and the voice of the Deposito.




25 May 2023



22 October 2023

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