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'Los elementos'

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The 33rd Opera and Ballet Season of the Principal Teatre de Palma rescues Los elementos, an opera by the Mallorcan artist Antoni Lliteres (1673-1747) in an exquisite production half-armed between the Juan March Foundation and the Teatro de la Zarzuela de Madrid.

Los elementos is an excellent example of chamber opera of the Spanish Baroque. In Palma it could not be in better hands, the group Forma Antiqva led by Aarón Zapico, a guarantee of rigorous and carefree historicism at the same time.

Under the allegory of the four elements - air, fire, earth and water - Literes transludes historical and political keys connected with the War of Succession. In this sense, the staging of Tomás Muñoz respects the scenic keys of that period of compositional splendor in Spain, giving it a focus on the importance of defending our environment.

The voices are those of the sopranos Olalla Alemán (Earth), Eugenia Boix (Air), Aurora Peña (Water), Soledad Cardoso (Aurora) and Lucía Martín-Cartón (Time), the mezzo Marifé Nogales (Fuego) and the tenor Rafael Rivero (Sun).


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17 May 2019

20:00 h.



18 May 2019

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