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‘Hansel & Gretel’

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Adaptation of Humperdinck's famous opera, with dramaturgy and stage direction by Pedro Chamizo. A proposal for the whole family from the XXXVIII Opera Season that is based on the story of the same name by the Brothers Grimm.

The Witch-influencer Barbie of the Forest attracts children to her virtual world and, once there, they realize how empty and superficial that place is, but Gretel will be able to convince the Witch that a better world is possible. and necessary.

In this way, the #BarbiedelBosque does not die, it transforms. In the end, everyone together sings that the future is in our hands and it is time to act to change it. A production by Bilbao Abao Opera and Yotumi Kids.

Soloists: Sandra Ferrández (Bruja), Lucía G. Casanueva (Gretel), Christian Borrelli (Hansel) and Manu Riego (Biza). Piano and musical direction: Cristina Presmanes. Language: Spanish. Recommended age: from 8 years.




From 8 €



05 April 2024

18:00 h.



06 April 2024

Carrer de la Riera, 2A - Palma de Mallorca
(0034) 971 71 33 46
(0034) 971 21 96 96

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