‘Marina i el misteri de les profunditats’

| Family spectacle
‘Marina i el misteri de les profunditats’

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The Mallorcan company Giraombres (Teatritx) presents the shadow theater show Marina i el misteri de les profunditats (Marina and the mystery of the depths).

Following an unexpected encounter with a gray whale calf lost off the coast of Mallorca, Marina decides to dive into the depths of the sea to investigate the reason for the disorientation of this cetacean. In this adventure she will find beings and situations that will lead her to discover what they hide.

Authors and puppeteers: M. Elena Ramis and Aina Noguera. Music: Esteve Gomila and Rafael Moll.

50 minute show. For family audiences, from 3 years. Catalan language.

From 1 €

From 1 to €10





17 February 2024

18:00 h.



18 February 2024

Carrer Sant Magí, 89 - Palma de Mallorca
(0034) 971 45 23 58

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