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‘Terror XIX’

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The mallorcan company  Allunyats presents its show for young and adult audiences Terror XIX, made up of two monologues taken from stories of Gothic literature by Edgar Allan Poe and Pedro Antonio de Alarcón that tell two different and at the same time very similar stories.

In the first monologue, an anonymous character will try to convince the audience of his sanity while he recounts in detail and exhaustively the murder he committed.

The second protagonist of the story is Telesforo, who confesses to his friend Gabriel one of his deepest fears: since he was little, he has been terrified by the possibility of meeting a lonely woman on the street late at night. He is not sure if this woman is real or imaginary, but she makes him think of ghosts and fantastic beings.

Directed by Marina Lorenzo, Terror XIX is performed by Marc Bibiloni and Ivan Martín. Catalan language.



From 8 €


05 April 2024

20:30 h.

Carrer Ciutat, 1 - Artà
(0034) 971 82 97 00

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