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'Climàtic 3.0. Canticle of the Creatures'

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Miquel Àngel Aguiló is inspired by Francisco de Asís's text Canticle of the Creatures, creating this large-format music and light show that revolves around climate change.

In Climàtic 3.0, the light, the projections, the music and the voices, together with an actor, lead us through various states, from nature in its purest form to the industrial revolution and technological development.

Direction and composition: Miquel Àngel Aguiló. Orchestra and soloists: Ramon Andreu (violin), Kepa Artetxe (violin), María José Gomez (viola), Esteban Belinchón (cello), Xisco Aguiló (double bass), Cati Roig (flute), Tigran Alexanya (duduk), Sergio Llopis ( keyboards and loop station), Mario Navarro (fliscorn)
Roberto Morcillo, Fliscorn. Voices: Yosra Zecris (Arabic voice), Raquel Ribas (soprano),
María Casado (soprano), Auba Huguet (alto), Waltraud Muncher (alto), Toni Aragón (tenor), Gerard Abril (tenor), Joan Miquel Muñoz (bass), Jorge Tello (bass), Nadir Jimènez (actor). Guest artist: Mery Lambourne. Image: Pedro Oliver. Lighting: Andrés López.


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13 March 2021

12:00 h.
19:00 h.

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