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emParaular 2020

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The Ajuntament de Manacor promotes the fourth edition of emParaular, a festival of oral narration that brings together six scenic proposals that can be seen for free from 16 to 19 September in different areas of Manacor.

Diverse and original proposals that claim oral narration and that have as a common link the power of the word.


Wednesday September 16

20:00 h. Public Institution Antoni M. Alcover
Mestres de la paraula. By Bàrbara Sagrera, Bàrbara Nicolau and Alícia Olivares.
The communicative potential within the reach of the 21st century speaker. An artistic proposal to vindicate orality

Thursday September 17

18:00 h. Claustre of Sant Vicenç Ferrer
Contes de l'univers, by Joan Gomila
An old teacher does not know how to explain to the students the following questions: Why are there so many stars? Where do they hide when the sun rises? What is on the moon? So he begins to think how he can explain what lies beyond the earth and so he goes on a journey through some planets and satellites with his spaceship (a rickety umbrella called Poppins XVI). Show aimed at children.

Friday September 18

20:00 h. Claustre of Sant Vicenç Ferrer
Brancam de paraula dita, by Glosadors de Mallorca
A challenge for the glossers, who will face various tests and situations based on the Corpues de fraseología de las Illes Balears, by Bàrbara Sagrera, who will act as a common thread.

Saturday September 19

12:00 h. Public Institution Antoni M. Alcover
Guillem, fill de l'aigua i el sol, by Francesca Vadell
This storyteller brings the figure of Guillem d'Efak closer to the little ones. We will also discover some African folk tales and others that he wrote himself. We will be followed by a turtle, friend of our protagonist, son of water and sun, who does not want to miss the adventure. Show aimed at children from 4 years old.

17:30 h. Museum of History of Manacor-Torre dels Enagistes
Enfilant paraules, with Jaume Gayà, Margalida Amengual and Danielle Fregapane
Manacor, city of pearls. There are few houses where pearls have not been strung. But we also find stringing words that transport us and make us enjoy the city. In this show, words accompanied by music will be lined up.

20:30 h. Municipal Park
La mar de bé, with Sebastià Adrover, Salvador Miralles, Maria Antònia Salas, Carme González and Roger Pistola
Starting from the first two books of short stories by Carme Riera (Te deix, amor, la mar com a penyora and Jo pos per testimoni les gavines) we will share a sensory journey tinged with poetics and subversive values ​​and denunciation.

All events are free and with limited capacity.






16 September 2020



19 September 2020

Reservations (maximum 4 per person):
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