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Hamlet.01 is a montage with text and direction by Sergi Belbel and performed by Enric Cambray.

Hamlet, the protagonist of William Shakespeare's most famous tragedy and of one of the crucial works of world literature, appears before the audience of the 21st century to explain, comment, play and dissect in a fun and hooligan way the first act of the play that bears his name.

And he does it like a Stand-up Comedy comedian (in this case we should say Stand-up Tragedy), that is to say: alone, face to face before the audience, speaking directly to the public, with a great sense of humor, but also wanting to get to the bottom of the... issue. Catalan language.



From 2 €



27 May 2023



28 May 2023

27.5: 20:00 h.

28.5: 18:00 h.

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