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The Teatre Principal de Palma presents in streaming this micro theater show where four playwrights - Mar Pla, Marta Barceló, Miquel Mas and Sergio Baos - imagine the society and performing arts of the future.

Those places where the human being, in communion, reflects on himself. If the theater is the mirror in which society reflects, what will happen when this mirror is only a screen?

Year 2120. Theaters around the world closed a long time ago. The evolution of technology and the gradual social isolation made the last remaining living art disappear little by little. However, two theater lovers, somewhat daring, will embark on the madness of recovering a lost ritual. Catalan language.







25 November 2020

20:00 h.



29 December 2020

Wednesday, November 25
Wednesday, December 29

Address Carrer de la Riera, 2A - Palma de Mallorca
Phone (0034) 971 71 33 46
(0034) 971 21 96 96
Email comunicacio...incipal.com
Web http://www....incipal.com

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