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'Llegar al fallo', by Nauzet Mayor

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Muscle failure is a Fitness concept that consists of the inability of muscle fibers to generate the necessary force and overcome the resistance presented by a load, making it impossible to perform more repetitions of the exercise. Figuratively llegar al fallo (reaching failure) also refers to the collapse, error or cessation of operation as the behavior of a body is conceived without the need for external supports.

The body has been the epicenter in previous works by the Canarian artist Nauzet Mayor (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1980) and from this point on he takes up a new stage with Llegar al fallo. The different parts of the body are the germ of something new, which expands and gives rise to new life and new phenomena that are already far removed from the artist's daily life story to focus now on contemplating the duality of temporality and eternity.





20 March 2021



05 June 2021

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