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N3rdistan + Kalàscima

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The Cançons de la Mediterrània 2021 festival presents this double program consisting of concerts by the Franco-Moroccan band N3rdistan and the Italian Kalàscima.

N3rdistan covers and mixes various dimensions, eras, cultures, styles and instruments, from hip-hop to rap, electrorock and traditional Arabic melodies with the voice of Walead Ben Selim, one of the most relevant musicians and poets on the current cultural Moroccan scene.

Coming from Salento (southeastern region of the Italian region of Apulia), Kalàscima is one of the reference groups of Italian world music and in its short but intense career - it was created in 2010 - it has toured Australia, Ecuador, the United States. United States, Canada or Japan. His music is a journey through the popular sounds of southern Italy, merging with other southern rhythms and flirting with Balkan, Irish and electronic sounds.




24 July 2021

21:30 h.

N3rdistan: 9:30 p.m.
Kalàscima: 23:00 h.



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