Ramon Farran, 'Electrolive'

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The 2022 edition of the AlcúdiaJazz festival ends with this exciting live electronic project by the Catalan composer and jazzman Ramon Farran. Electrolive is a combination of original pre-recorded contemporary electronic music with live jazz and improvised percussion.

With more than six decades of experience, Ramon Farran (Barcelona, ??1939) is one of the greatest promoters of the jazz movement in our country. In 1999 he created the Spanish National Jazz Orchestra Foundation (FONJAZZ), of which he is president. He is also a multi-instrumentalist (drums, percussion and piano), conductor, arranger, producer and teacher and his works also cover other genres such as pop, soundtracks, classical music and new technologies, in which the new Project.

In Electrolive he combines experimental sounds generated with the help of Ableton software with piano, real instruments and live percussion, creating a relaxing, meditative and harmonious atmosphere, as well as stimulating and dynamic.

Some of these original compositions were written specifically for this cutting-edge electronic music program, while others were not. This makes each concert different and the same pattern is never repeated.


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24 September 2022

21:00 h.

Address Plaça de la Porta de Mallorca, 3 - Alcúdia
Phone (0034) 971 89 71 85
Email auditori@alcudia.net
Web http://www....alcudia.net

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