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'Rostoll Cremat'

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Toni Gomila and Oriol Broggi join forces to give life to Rostoll Cremat, an allegory of ambition and human greed reflected in contemporary Mallorca. Director and playwright, respectively, present a reflection proposal about our current society based on popular and universal literature: Joanet de sa gerra and George Sand as the narrative thread.

Rostoll Cremat projects a new look at our most recent past, offering a new mirror to explore the lights and shadows of tourist Mallorca with an eye on the present and the future.

After the success of Acorar and Peccatum, Rostoll Cremat supposes the first great production of Toni Gomila like dramatist, with a text where denunciation, irony, humor, truth and doubt agree.

Interpreted by Toni Gomila, Catalina Florit, Caterina Alorda, Joan Toni Sunyer and Xesca Vade. XIII Cool Days Festival.

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26 December 2019

20:00 h.



27 December 2019

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