Teatre de barra: 'Sèries TV'

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Teatre de barra: 'Sèries TV'

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Final of the 16th edition of the popular contest of short bar theater shows, with five short pieces on stage consecutively.

The five pieces are:

Westworld Mallorca. Genre: Science Fiction. Author: Kevin Martos. Director: Xavi Núñez. Interpreters: Salvador Oliva and Juanma Palacios

L'origen of the big bang theory. Comedy genre. Author and director: Lluís Valenciano. Interpreters: Carme Serna and Josep Mercadal

Fleabag: anatomia d'un spoiler. Comedy genre. Author and director: Aina de Cos. Interpreters: Anna Berenguer and Rodo Gener.

Sherlock...y el caso del asesino al cuadrado. Comedy genre. Author: Alfonso Morillas. Director: Àlex Tejedor. Interpreters: Joan Manel Vadell and Laura Andújar

Bar Mirror. Comedy genre. Author: Toni Serra. Director: David Mataró. Interpreters: Pedro Orell and Maria Rosselló


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Box office: € 15
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30 May 2020

20:00 h.

Address Carrer Sant Magí, 89 - Palma de Mallorca
Phone (0034) 971 45 23 58
Email espectacles@sf.a-palma.es

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