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XVII Festa del vi novell

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The new wine sold in barrels, in bulk, is a tradition that in very few places is maintained and in Santa Maria del Camí is a tradition that has lasted over the years and has allowed to dignify the product among the local consumer. The creation in 2017 of the Vi Novell brand in Santa Maria make it possible to extend this product value in all the markets in which the Santamarian wine is present.

In this way, all the young wine bottled in Santa María will have the capsule with the image and the first place where you can taste it will be the Festa del Vi Novell. This festival is celebrated since 2003 with the purpose of promoting the wine of Santa Maria del Camí, with a long winemaking tradition.

The fiesta begins with the arrival at the plaza of the Vila of the carriage of the branches of pine that are delivered to the warehouses of the town so they hang them in the top of their main entrance, an old custom to announce the beginning of the sale of young wine.

The Fiesta includes the IX Festa de la Tapa, with tasting of young wine and tapas in 12 venues of Santa Maria offering their specialties.


Friday, november 22

7:00 p.m. Concert of Santa Cecilia in Ses Cases des Mestres, by the Orchestra of Cordes and Children's Band of the Municipal School of Music Andreu Torrens of Santa Maria del Camí.

9:00 p.m. Bar theater in the winery Jaume de Puntiró. Works: Llengua amb tàperes and Teatre de barra. Author and director: David Mataró. Interpreters: Aina Cortés and Toni de los Ángeles.

Saturday November 23

Jornada del Brot de Pi

10:30 AM Meeting at the Plaza Nova. The Wineries, accompanied by the Colla de Gigantes de Santa María, will leave with tractors, trailers and the wine train to the pine of las casas de Son Llaüt. There they will cut the pine branches that will serve to decorate the town. There will be snack for everyone. Return to the village and hanging from the adorned pine shoots in Calle Llarg  and Plaza de la Vila

12:30 h. Plaça de la Vila. Storytelling El raïm inquiet, by Irene Madroñero

1:00 p.m. Institutional act of twinning between the towns of Santa Maria del Camí and El Masroig. The wineries will make the symbolic offering of the new wine at the Town Hall and they will be given the pine branch to hang in wineries as a sign that the young wine has already arrived. Factoria de So musicians will perform the Vi Novell song.

5:00 p.m. Passeig del Pla de Buc by bicycle. Concentration in the Plaza de la Vila.

8:00 p.m. Concert of Santa Cecilia in Ses Cases des Mestres, by the Music Band of Santa Maria del Camí.

Friday, November 29

8:00 p.m. Ses Cases des Mestres.
Delivery of the  Insignia 'Brot de Pi'. Delivery:
- Brot de Pi badges to Rosa Vich Vich and Concha Rosillo.
- His weight in wine came to Aina Machado, winner of the second Poster Contest of the Festa del Vi Novell.
- Prize to the winner of the Concurso de Mostradores

Musical performance by Gori Negre. Arrival of the pine branches by members of the Association of the Elderly of Santa Maria del Camí, accompanied by the xeremiers of Santa Maria del Camí.

Twinning act between the Association of Wineries and El Masroig Winery.

Presentation of the new cabezudo. Reading a story related to the cabezudo.

The act will be presented by Marilena Sastre.

Saturday, November 30

Festa del Vi Novell

Open day at the wineries
From 09:30 to 14:00. The wineries of Santa Maria open the doors to all visitors and groups who want to know their winery. Guided tours and wine tastings will take place.

Route by train and visit the wineries santamariers
Departures at 09:30 a.m. and at 11.30 a.m.
Train 1: Visit to Macià Batle Wineries, 7103 Petit Celler, Sebastián Pastor Winery and Ramanyà Winery. (Meeting point: Macià Batle)

Train 2: Visit to the Son Crespí de Pasatiempos Winery, Angel Wineries, Jaume de Puntiró Winery. (Meeting point: Vial)
Price: € 5. Limited places. Ticket sales at City Hall, Tuesday 26 and Wednesday November 27.

XVII Festa de Vi Novell

From 6:00 p.m. Plaça Nova. You can try the new wine at the booth stands. This year with the participation of the Bodega de El Masroig.

Evening with the music of  Amulet y de L'Équilibriste.

IX Festa of the Santa Maria del Camí Tapa

Tapas tasting of the bars and restaurants of Santa Maria del Camí. Cover price: € 2
Can Beia Bar:  Llomillo con champiñones  (971 62 00 70)
Can Franco Bar: Pelotas con salsa y ensaladilla (971 62 03 82)
Sa Plaça Bar:  Frito de cordero y pop con cebolla (971 62 06 08)
Crazy about Cooking: Croquetas variadas (971 62 07 76)
Café Restaurant Hostels: Mini Cordon Bleu (971 14 09 65)
Sa Sini Winery: Homemade desserts (971 62 02 52)
La Taleguita: Pelotas con sepia (971 62 03 10)
Pizzeria Fellini Restaurant: Pizzas (971 62 09 76)
Ca'n Barry Restaurant: "Costilleja" (871 57 87 00)
Bar Spain: Tortilla de patata (971 62 07 81)
Can Chus: Ham cut by knife (971 62 10 43)
Bar Said and done: Mini hamburgers and mini "pepitos" (871 50 93 84)
Post Nove Festa Novell

From 24:00 h. Factoria de So. Performance of Local Djs. DEAF.

Wednesday, November 4

7:30 p.m. Ca s'Apotecari. Commented tasting of young Santamariers and El Masroig wines. Price: € 10. Registration until December 2 at videmallorca@gmail.com


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