XX Mostra d'Arts Escèniques

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XX Mostra d'Arts Escèniques

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The Mostra d'Arts Escèniques de Santa Eugènia celebrates 20 years with an edition that will fly the fantasy of all those who come to this corner of Mallorca from July 22 to 27.

Twenty scenic proposals will take place over the course of these days, with the traditional Quarterada teatral on Saturday 27 and a late night session (Mossegada teatral) that lasts until dawn with a closing concert.

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Thursday, July 27
18:00 h. Plaça Bernat de Santa Eugènia
Overture of the festival with the performance of the batucada of Santa Eugènia Vatuacada. Plaça Bernat de Santa Eugènia

18:00 h. Place: Plaça Bernat de Santa Eugènia
Slime Time

A proposal from the collective AATOMIC LAB, which aims to demonstrate that culture can revert in processes of social improvement by encouraging motivation and stimulation. They will work with volumes of colors and will make Slime, a viscous and gelatinous texture material with which they will make an artistic intervention in Plaça Bernat de Santa Eugènia, which will be maintained throughout the festival. Slime Time will be enlivened with music by Dj Malouda and Marc Filigrana.

Friday, July 28. Child day
18:00 h. Location: Es Sagrat
Garden playpen

A space for games of balance, throwing, aiming, motives, logic, speed, imagination, symbolic construction, concentration, etc. To play and experience life together. Free.

18:00 h. Location: Es Sagrat
Carousel de ferralla

Lîla, recycled games, will install a carousel built with scrap and games based on recycled materials, where children can play freely. Gratuitous.

7:00 p.m. Location: Es Sagrat
Didactic Jazz Concert

This project, which is now being premiered at the 18th Mostra d'Arts Escèniques de Santa Eugènia, has been created to bring the history of jazz to children in a dynamic and participative way. In addition to listening to live jazz, you will learn about its history, its protagonists and the great classics of the genre. Speakers Tinons March (narration and singing voice), Marcos Herrada (piano), Guillem Nadal (trumpet) and Antonio Tercero (trombone). Gratuitous.

9:00 p.m. Location: Es Sagrat
Children's Dinner with Chef Macarroni

This cook, just arrived from Italy, will prepare macaroni with different sauces and garnishes to choose from. Limited spaces. € 3. Pre-registration in the City Hall.

10:30 p.m. Pati de les Escoles
No molestar

The Andalusian company Vaiven presents this family show full of acrobatics and humor. No molestar (Do not disturb) has won several important awards, such as the National Award for the Performing Arts for Children and Youth 2014, Andalusian Prize for the best show of Circus 2014 and the Lorca Award for the best Andalusian spectacle 2015. Under 3 years: free. Anticipated purchase at the City Hall: € 5. Box office: € 8.

Saturday, July 29. Quarterada teatral
18:00 h. Plaça Bernat de Santa Eugènia

Xeremies. Gratuitous.

18:05 h. Plaça Bernat de Santa Eugènia
A s’ombra

The Mallorcan company Atirofijo presents this award-winning circus show on the Matx de Circ Circaire 2017. Interpreted by Guillem Vizcaíno and Mari Paz Arango. They use the manipulation of objects and throwing of knives. Gratuitous.

6:20 p.m. Itinerant
The Wolves

Wolves of three meters of height arrive to Santa Eugènia to the rhythm of drums crossing the squares and streets looking for prey. Por LA FAM cia de teatre (Castellón). Gratuitous.

6:45 p.m. Parking of Ca Ses Monges

The Catalan company Estropicio presents in the Quarterada teatral this circus show without words. Free.

7:05 p.m. Parking of Ca Ses Monges
Pink Panther

At age 12, Martina Miró is the youngest professional artist of all the editions of the Mostra d'Arts Escèniques de Santa Eugènia. Winner of three world championships of dance, she presents her particular representation of the personage of the pink Panther. Free.

7:30 p.m. Carrer Bartomeu Coll Bibiloni
Rics i lliures

The French company La Debâcle premieres in Baleares this circus and clown show with Camile Magand and Cedric Duplin. Free.

8:05 a.m. Parking of les Escoles

Awarded as Best Show on TAC 2017, this show of dance and gestural theater is the work of the French creator Claire Ducreaux.Free.

Saturday, July 29. Mossegada teatral
10:45 a.m. Patio de les Escoles
Somnis de sorra

A show of visual arts and music of the company Ytuquepintas (Catalonia / La Rioja). Children under 3 years: free. Anticipated purchase at the City Hall: € 5. Box office: € 8.

00:00 h. Carrer de les Escoles

Pau Caracuel, a street portraitist, will be present with his easel and brushes in all the spectacles of the 18th Mostra d'Arts Escèniques de Santa Eugènia, capturing moments with his peculiar style. During this late night session, and with the collaboration of Tià Barca, he will present the drawings. Free.

00:30 h. S'Escargot
Closing Concert

The music puts the finishing touches to the 18th Mostra d'Arts Escèniques de Santa Eugènia with the concerts of Escorpio, post punk group, and Dj Alec Sun (pop and electronic music).

(Santa Eugènia)




22 July 2019



27 July 2019

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