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Yo Soy Ratón: 'Canción protesta infantil'

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The group Yo Soy Ratón, with its quartet formation, visits Casa Planas with its children's protest song show suitable for adults. A cry from the children asking us to put aside old customs, let us down to their height and offer them a comprehensive environment on which to build their own selves.

Yo Soy Ratón is a project by Manu Rubio, an educator trained in the Reggio Emilia method - recognized by UNESCO as one of the best pedagogies for children's stages - where emotion is a key part of the learning process.

In the musical, Yo Soy Ratón is unmarked of the habitual patterns of the infantile with compositions that discover us other dimensions of the music beyond the purely playful one. A fusion of rock, folk and world music.

The band encourages children to come to the concert with their own banner protest with what they do not like and want to change society, school or home.


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08 December 2019

12:30 h.

Address Avinguda Sant Ferran, 21, 07011 - Palma de Mallorca
Phone (0034) 627 03 87 22 (Xisco)
(0034) 660 23 90 21 (Marito)
(0034) 629 96 06 51 (Marina)
Email centrecultu...s@gmail.com
Web http://www....aplanas.org

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